Naked Truth Campaign, Latin America

Why do we need the ‘Psoriasis: The Naked Truth’ campaign? 

Psoriasis is not only skin deep: 

As you know, psoriasis is a very distressing, chronic condition of the immune system.
Thecharacteristic thickened red patches of skin covered by a silvery white scale can occur on any part of the body.

People with psoriasis have said that the visual impact of the disease is distressing to them. They explain that they are often embarrassed and say they feel ‘trapped’ in their own skin. Patients not only feel uncomfortable in their own skin, but also face ignorance and insensitivity from others about the way their skin looks. 

Luckily, having psoriasis doesn’t always have to be about covering up, nor does it have to mean living with the risk of associated chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart attacks. Psoriasis treatments may allow people with psoriasis to show off their skin, better control the condition, reduce their risk of associated conditions and achieve a better quality of life. However, not all people are receiving the best psoriasis treatment for them. 

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